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Legal Humor ( Laughter is the Best medicine for lawyers too)

British girl banned from selling granny on eBay

Zoe Pemberton wrote a light-hearted listing to sell her 61-year-old grandmother, Marion Goodall, of Clacton, south-eastern England, but eBay said the advert breached human-trafficking regulations.

The little girl had described her grandmother as 'annoying' but had gone on to say she liked crosswords and was 'cuddly' and there were quite a few offers.’ The spokeswoman added: ‘The advert was obviously light-hearted and had been done with the full knowledge of grandma – we do get these kind of things from time to time

Malaysia stakes copyright to recipes

Malaysia is starting a food fight with other countries to win bragging rights for producing some of Southeast Asia's most beloved recipes, including chili crabs and coconut cream rice, a news report said Thursday. "We cannot continue to let other countries hijack our food”.

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