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Litigation & Enforcement

IP Litigation

We, at Prodigy Legal, value our clients’ Intellectual Property as much as we value other assets and rights. We protect our clients and their Intellectual property from infringements and unfair practices.


Our associates have a wide experience in handling IP cases and we handle all matters related to patent disputes, copyrights, trademark litigation, domain name disputes, disputes related to false and misleading advertisements, defamation and unfair competition issues. Our firm also represents clients in infringement proceedings and passing off actions.


We also provide expert legal guidance in all matters relating to filing of patents, trademarks etc and we take care of all legal requirements of our clients which arise during and are related to the procedure of acquiring registration of intellectual property.


At Prodigy Legal, we present you a team which is efficient in getting your disputes settled outside the court. One of the emerging and highly efficient methods of Alternate Dispute Resolution is Arbitration.


We assist clients with commitment and dedication to successfully solve disputes related to the industrial sector, e-commerce, real estate, entertainment and media, insurance, information technology, telecommunication and Intellectual Property etc., by arbitration. Our firm holds expertise in handling complex arbitration matters both in domestic and international arbitration. We also provide our services to enforce or challenge the Arbitral awards and services in relation to disputes arising out of agreements containing arbitration clauses.


We believe in suggesting and advising dispute resolution strategies that are best suitable to our client’s business and other requirements. We acknowledge the significance of well drafted arbitration clauses and dispute resolution agreements and thus, provide professional legal services in the area.

Domain dispute (ICANN)

It is very important to understand the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (also referred as "UDRP"). 

Prodigy Legal has prior expertise and experience in dealing with domain-name disputes. We are adept at resolving it through the course of agreement, court action, or arbitration. Following and understanding the core of UDRP is extremely important, because otherwise the registrar may cancel, suspend, or transfer a domain name.


Prodigy Legal possesses expertise in understanding the course of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which in turn, helps coordinate the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions, which are technical services being critical to the continued operations of the Internet's underlying address book, the Domain Name System (DNS).

Anti-Counterfeiting Practice

In the past years, the spread of counterfeit goods is increasingly rising through the heights. Statistics clearly portray that these counterfeit products cause immense harm to the global economy. 


Counterfeit products cause hindrance to economic development of many countries. Hence, it is extremely crucial to know about the various statutes that provide civil, criminal, statutory and administrative remedies to nullify the negative effect of counterfeit products. 


Lawyers at Prodigy Legal have developed significant experience in the area of anti-counterfeiting in various areas, including but not limited to Footwear, FMCG, Apparels, Medical Devices, etc. 


Our efforts have significantly secured criminal convictions of many counterfeiters, which has been doable only by having a strong understanding and knowledge of the procedures involved, experience in handling criminal actions and filing suits in right jurisdictions to get desired order and then enforcing them with assistance of the local police authorities. We undertake to provide anti-counterfeit services including civil suit, criminal suit as well as conduct investigation for counterfeit cases.

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IP Protection & Promotion

We at ProdigyLegal are efficiently assisting startups and mid-size companies to lower their costs on Intellectual Property portfolio management and development. We render our clients the EDGE by providing exhaustive research on IP relevant to their business and help them make informed decisions

Business & Corporate Law

Prodigy Legal possesses expertise and 12 years of experience with strategizing, drafting, reviewing and vetting a wide range of simple to complex agreements.   ​

We are thoroughly acquainted with legal issues in business, commerce, and technology law practice in a variety of jurisdictions including but not limited to US, India, Australia, Canada, EU.

Commercial Litigation (India)

Prodigy Legal has a dedicated team of lawyers to tackle corporate litigation in India for individuals, established businesses and start-ups. We provide a wide range of services including mergers and amalgamations, class actions, corporate insolvency, incorporation and dissolution of companies to quote a few of our practice areas.

Civil and Criminal Litigation (India)

Prodigy Legal has a wide experience in all matters relating to recovery of money. Whether you are an individual or an Indian startup or an International business operating in India, our expert counsels are available to assist you in situations where your money is withheld by buyers, suppliers or any other entity.

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