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Business & Corporate Law

Contract Strategy & Management

Prodigy Legal possesses expertise and 12 years of experience with strategizing, drafting, reviewing and vetting a wide range of simple to complex agreements.   


We are thoroughly acquainted with legal issues in business, commerce, and technology law practice in a variety of jurisdictions including but not limited to US, India, Australia, Canada, EU. We make sure that the agreement covers all key clauses viz. scope of services, compensation, confidentiality, intellectual property, non-compete, indemnification and termination in a clear and concise manner such that it addresses all the concerns arising from the prospective transaction and secures your legal and business interests completely.   


You will also be happy to hear that our firm drafted more than 10,000 legal documents for DocStoc in the past. We continue to excel in our practice and provide clients with impeccable legal services. 


We will ensure that you enter into a watertight agreement which is fully protected.

Statutory & Regulatory Compliances

Statutory compliances or obligations are required by law and refer to current laws that were passed by a state or federal government. These laws are generally static and rarely change unless a new law is passed that updates it. Prodigy Legal keeps track of amended legislations which ought to be abided by a company/business or an individual in their business models. We understand the importance of compliances in a business or in a company as major loss of business can happen due to non-compliance. 


Regulatory compliances or obligations are required by law, but they are different from statutory requirements. Regulatory compliances are the requirements which refer to a set of rules issued by a regulating body that is appointed by a state or federal government. These are legal requirements through proxy, where the regulating body is basically the source of the requirement. It is important to keep in mind that regulatory requirements tend to change more frequently than statutory requirements.


Prodigy Legal will take care of the statutory and regulatory requirements which ought to be applied on your business.

Legal Opinions & Advisories

Prodigy Legal acknowledges the fact that you're a busy entrepreneur with big plans. Legal services are probably the last thing owners of small- to medium-sized businesses want to think about. But they are very crucial in the day to day business operations which needs to be taken care of. 


At Prodigy Legal, we care about you. Whether it's corporate and commercial law, tax law, intellectual property law, we're here to help you prevent problems from happening and solve them if they do. We render quality and well researched legal opinions and advisories related to your query or proposition. 


One of the most business-savvy decisions you can make is intelligent outsourcing. We extend you an offer to make the right choice for your legal and business interests.

Advisories on e-commerce, websites & mobile applications

Prodigy Legal has diverse experience and expertise in drafting legal documentation for a range of websites and mobile applications including but not limited to social networking website and mobile application, software service website and e-commerce website, in compliance with the relevant laws.


Our Associates are well versed with the relevant FTC regulations pertaining to website legal documentation. 


Prodigy Legal makes sure to write necessary legal documentation for your website/mobile application including but not limited to Cookie Policy, Refunds Policy, Cancellation policy, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Non-Disclosure Agreement, so that it covers all your business needs, eliminates your liabilities and secures you legally. 

Advisories on Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology

Prodigy Legal consists of a team of legal experts who are adept at understanding the changing dynamics of cryptocurrency and blockchain within the national and International spheres.  


Hiring a professional can save you from a lot of ambiguity. 


You might be in a situation wherein your start-up is at the forefront of the next wave of blockchain technology and you will require funding. You can very well delegate the responsibility of navigating through the legal and regulatory minefields of cryptocurrency and blockchain to the team of professionals at Prodigy Legal LLP.  

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IP Protection & Promotion

We at ProdigyLegal are efficiently assisting startups and mid-size companies to lower their costs on Intellectual Property portfolio management and development. We render our clients the EDGE by providing exhaustive research on IP relevant to their business and help them make informed decisions

Litigation & Enforcement

We also provide expert legal guidance in all matters relating to filing of patents, trademarks etc and we take care of all legal requirements of our clients which arise during and are related to the procedure of acquiring registration of intellectual property.

Commercial Litigation (India)

Prodigy Legal has a dedicated team of lawyers to tackle corporate litigation in India for individuals, established businesses and start-ups. We provide a wide range of services including mergers and amalgamations, class actions, corporate insolvency, incorporation and dissolution of companies to quote a few of our practice areas.

Civil and Criminal Litigation (India)

Prodigy Legal has a wide experience in all matters relating to recovery of money. Whether you are an individual or an Indian startup or an International business operating in India, our expert counsels are available to assist you in situations where your money is withheld by buyers, suppliers or any other entity.

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