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Research, software management, document generation, client calender and billing

Prodigy Legal’s litigation support services focus on assisting global law firms, private attorneys and individuals with the ever-increasing complexities associated with litigation matters. Our experienced, professional and well-trained litigation support team consists of competent lawyers, project managers and the operational staff are zealous vis-à-vis every project, be it in anticipating obstacles, identifying ways to manage and in supporting matters efficiently to meet the expectations of the clients in order to render the best litigation support possible.

‚ÄčWe are well versed with major legal software and search databases including but not limited to amicus attorney, wealth dox, best case, lexis-nexis, westlaw, etc.


Reviewing, vetting, drafting, template creation. 

We have extensive experience with the formation and drafting of contracts for requirements in commerce and business practice. You will be happy to hear that our firm drafted more than 10,000 legal documents covering laws of 50 states for DocStoc. We are more than confident that our firm can efficiently and in the most reasonable manner take care of the requirements of your contract process.  

Intellectual Property

Trademarks, patents, trade secrets & copyrights

We at ProdigyLegal are efficiently assisting startups and mid-size companies to lower their costs on Intellectual Property portfolio management and development. We render our clients the EDGE by providing exhaustive research on IP relevant to their business and help them make informed decisions. We have a team of patent lawyers, analysts, and engineers to make us offer the best protection and growth of IP portfolios of our clients. Kindly contact us to learn more about our intellectual property services. 


Preparation of chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy petitions

It is two (2) years of extensive experience working on bankruptcy petitions, which makes us here at Prodigy Legal, confidently claim that we can efficiently and timely handle processing your chapter 7 and 13 cases, Prodigy Legal's team of experienced lawyers and associates have worked on hundreds of such bankruptcy petitions in the last two years for some major US bankruptcy law firms; team has worked on a wide gamut of the many possible conjectures of such cases and this experience makes us sharp, methodical and expedite in processing and successfully filing petitions. We understand the importance of filing for insolvency under time-constrained situations, like property foreclosure, on-going/concurrent litigation, etc. We are compatible in processing a petition in one-day turnaround