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Prodigy Legal is a boutique law firm for emerging and established enterprises. We speak both geek and legalese.

Prodigy's Partner, Avish Sharma possess 12 plus years of experience delivering legal services to technology companies having a national and international presence. We are here to provide legal support for your technology business transactions—drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and, most importantly, counselling—throughout the lifecycle of your company. A la carte services are priced on an individual basis and you pay for them as you need them. 


Reviewing, vetting, drafting, template creation. 

We have extensive experience with the formation and drafting of contracts for requirements in commerce and business practice. You will be happy to hear that our firm drafted more than 10,000 legal documents covering laws of 50 states for DocStoc. We are more than confident that our firm can efficiently and in the most reasonable manner take care of the requirements of your contract process.  


Prodigy Legal is part of major arbitration matters for Indian companies against or in defence of International companies and recently succeeded in a 1 million damages American Arbitration in favour of Indian company. 

The new era of corporate and commercial disputes are largely handled through novel dispute resolution method like mediation and arbitration considering the time and justice adjudication efficiency it awards. Majorly, arbitration requires deep negotiation and strategy expertise to ensure the litigant gets best out of it. Reach us to discuss your disputes in confidentiality and we will acquaint you with the various road maps available with the most efficient one to select. 


Trademarks, patents, trade secrets & copyrights

We at ProdigyLegal are efficiently assisting startups and mid-size companies to lower their costs on Intellectual Property portfolio management and development. We render our clients the EDGE by providing exhaustive research on IP relevant to their business and help them make informed decisions. We have a team of patent lawyers, analysts, and engineers to make us offer the best protection and growth of IP portfolios of our clients. Kindly contact us to learn more about our intellectual property services. 


We help start-ups and business to make the most sound and profitable decisions with the legal outlook and foresee abilities  

Prodigy's Corporate and Business Law services assist clients in a broad range of business needs including corporate formations, general corporate and legal advice, contract management and strategy, mergers and acquisitions, asset sales and purchases, and IPR.  Our general corporate and business practise is complemented by our commercial litigation section, which provides the experience and refined skills necessary to negotiate successful resolutions to business disputes or seek appropriate civil remedies. In addition, our corporate practice integrates with our employment practice to the implementation of appropriate corporate and workplace policies and other matters affecting the daily operation of businesses.

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