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Prodigy Legal experience with specialised Legal Process Outsourcing work:

Contract Management

12 years experience drafting, reviewing and vetting business and transactional contracts including but not limited to bylaws, operating agreements, shareholders agreement, warrants share, closing documents, partnership contracts, private placement memorandums, risk disclosure, etc.

Legal Research

ProdigyLegal is adept at doing legal research and writing which includes proper reference management and developing original quality content with zero plagiarism. 

Bulk court Documentation

Estate Planning and Testament

Specialized bankruptcy petition preparation team at ProdigyLegal, trained on US Bankruptcy laws pertaining to Chapter 7 & 11 petitions and having experience working with US bankruptcy law firms. We have more than 4 years experience managing Best Case software and generating chapter 7 & 11 petitions.

No-fault Insurance File Preparation

Intellectual Property Research and Assistance

, Prodigy Legal LLP is serving legal counsel to several US entrepreneurs and small businesses, and efficiently protect their intellectual property via watertight legal agreements including Business Equity Contract.

Trademark Clearance and Risk Analysis Reports

Team of lawyers trained and experienced with whole trademark process including search to evaluate trademark ability, preparing clearance and risk analysis report, using trademark softwares, researching on trademark issues, drafting client letters, preparing responses to office actions and managing trademark dockets.

ProdigyLegal has an extensive experience in registering patents in different countries including US and EU. We run a global prior-art search in the patent literature and non-literature, paid and free databases, for your invention and provide you with a detailed report covering any similar inventions, patents or products and accordingly advise on patentability

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