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Courts advise Not to Use Template Legal Documents! 

Why use templates when you can have Attorney drafted contracts at an affordable price?   

$100 to $300 only per custom drafted contract/agreement. 

Price range depend on the type and complexity of the contract

Step 1 - Call or chat discussion with a contract Attorney. During this conversation, our expert Attorney asks you all the important information to prepare a watertight document. 

Step 2 - Attorney identifies the exact contract/agreement you need and outline the terms needed to best protect your interest. 

Step 3 - Paralegal reaches you with the exact cost ($100 - $300) and timeframe to prepare the document (usually 2 to 3 business days). 

Step 4 - Upon your approval, we start drafting the document and reach you for any further clarification.

Step 5 - We email you the final version of the contract and you can ask any questions on the contract for us to answer. 

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Dangers of Templates or Self-drafted Contracts:-

1. Choosing the incorrect form. 

Selecting the wrong form may result in a completely different legal consequence than the one intended by the parties. Examples are: 

- Partnership Agreement instead of Joint Venture 

- Invention NDA instead of Trade Secret NDA

- Non-compete clause instead of non-circumvention clause

- Consulting Agreement instead of Intermediary Agreement

and so on and so forth.....

2. Missing on the proper Arbitration Clause!

This is very important as it is in the best interest of the businesses that a proper binding arbitration governs an agreement because of the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the arbitration. Also, arbitration clauses come with a variety of variations as per the nature of the business and deal, and it is important to diligently draft the arbitration clause as per the tailor requirements of your deal. 

3. Not covering State laws and requirements. 

Some states have laws requiring specific language in legal documents and leaving out this language can result in unintended consequences for a business.

4. Not tailoring to your specific situation.

Every situation is unique and requires that specific 10 - 20 % modification in the agreements which templates miss on. 

5. Zero Strategy! 

Even the simplest of business or legal documents have an intelligent and witty strategy for long term prosperity, the templates can never satisfy this requirement. 

CALL NOW:- +1 (347) 474 6888


Download Sample agreements below: 


Some of the important contracts we have drafted: 

General Contracts and Arrangements
Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement/ Non-Circumvention
Heads of Terms/Letter of Intent/Term Sheets
Exclusivity and Lock out Agreement
Commission Agreement
Finder’s Fee Agreement
Memorandum of Understanding Agreement
Non-Circumvention and Fee Protection Agreement
Test and Evaluation License Agreement
Interim Agreement
Option AgreementGeneral Commercial Agreements
Manufacturing Agreement
Venue Hire Agreement
Terms and Conditions
Representation/Agency Agreement
Marketing Agreement
Franchising Agreement
Provision of Services Agreement
Distribution Contract
Consultancy Agreement
Management Agreement
EPC Contract
Wrap Contract
O&M Contract
Claim Letter


Corporate Contracts
Acquisition due Diligence Questionnaire
Employment/Service Agreement
Share/Asset Sale and Purchase Agreements
Joint Venture/Shareholders Agreement
Partnership Agreement
Limited Liability Partnership Agreement
Non-Executive Appointment Letter/Agreement
Business Transfer AgreementLending and Security Documents
Loan Agreement
Security Document (Legal Charge/Debenture)
Loan Repayment or Settlement Agreement/ No Dues Certificate
Parent Company Comfort Letter
Single Bank Loan Agreement
APLMA Syndicate Loan Agreement
Mortgage Deed
Deed of Hypothecation
Pledge Agreement
Corporate Guarantee and Promoter Company Guarantee
Net-worth certificate from a CA
Non-Disposal UndertakingComputer/Technology Agreements
Software/Hardware Sale and Purchase Agreement
Licensing Agreement
Maintenance and Support Agreement
Escrow Agreement
Information Technology Procurement and Turnkey Contract
Outsourcing/Application Service Provision Agreement
Software Distribution Agreement
Software Development Agreement
Reseller Agreement
Database & Maintenance Contract
Wireless distribution agreement


Intellectual Property and Media-Related Agreements
Sponsorship Agreement
Technical Services/Know-How Agreement
Data Processor Agreement
Presenter’s Agreement
Contributor’s Agreement
Research and Development Agreement
Event Management Contract
Hospitality Rights Agreement
Club Rules/Constitution
Merchandising Agreement
Inventions Agreement
Worldwide content license agreement
Work-made-for-hire agreement
E-book publishing agreement
Publishing Agreement
Music license agreement
Video game development agreement
Database license agreement
Click-wrap end-user license agreement
Mobile content provider agreement
Webcasting agreement
Audiovisual streaming agreement


E-Commerce Contracts
Web Development/Hosting Agreement
Terms of Use/ Terms of Service
Advertising Terms and Conditions/Agreement
Affiliate Program Services Agreement
Promotion Agreement
Data Processor/Processing Contract Letter
Domain Name Transfer/Assignment Agreement
Website Content Provision Contract
Internet Services Agreement
Internet banking services agreement


Other Internet and Technology Contracts
Master Services Agreement
Statement of Work
Change Order
Order Fulfilment Agreement
Subscription Services Agreement
Maintenance and Support Agreement


Post Contractual Contracts/Matters
Variation/Amendment Agreements
Termination Agreement
Side Letters
Releases/Contract Cancellation
Trust Deed
Post Incorporation Contract Ratification
Power of Attorney
Deed of Assignment
Deed of Novation
Letters of Comfort

CALL NOW:- +1 (347) 474 6888


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