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Commercial Litigation (India)

Company Law

Prodigy Legal has a dedicated team of lawyers to tackle corporate litigation in India for individuals, established businesses and start-ups. We provide a wide range of services including mergers and amalgamations, class actions, corporate insolvency, incorporation and dissolution of companies to quote a few of our practice areas.


You will also be glad to know that our partners have been providing legal assistance pertaining to the incorporation and formation of companies in India and all other related services for more than 12 years. Prodigy Legal also manages legal documentation of companies including the drafting and vetting of agreements pertaining to incorporation, take-over, dissolution, share transfer, mergers and demergers. Foreign investors looking forward to launching a start-up in India may also choose us for experiencing quality legal services.


We are there to handle all litigation matters in the prominent courts and Tribunals spread across India, some of which are the Supreme Court of India, High Courts of India, National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT), Competition Appellate Tribunal (CAT).

Labour and Employment Law

Prodigy Legal has more than 12 years of experience in handling complex legal aspects related to employment and labour law. We help businesses achieve their full potential by eliminating all the stress related to compliances with employment regulations. Legal services related to appointment and termination of employees, employment documentation, transfer of your employees, non-compete, non-solicit issues and advising on labour law are effectively provided to our clients.


Every business is required to comply with labour and employment law which involves dealing with a lot many regulations, laws, governmental policies. While working with Prodigy, you need not worry about global and local legal requirements.

Our clientele ranges from national to international clients for whom we perform the role of reviewing documents, structuring ESOPs, covering all legal documentation, and, drafting and ensuring compliance with sexual harassment policies as per the POSH Act, amongst other roles. 

NCLT and NCLAT Matters

With the scrapping of the Company Law Board in India, the National Company Law Tribunal has been increasingly taking up the matters related to companies. With the establishment of Commercial Courts in India and the enactment of a new Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016 led to major changes in the Company law regime. Thus, businesses today are facing a situation of perplexity and Prodigy Legal’s expert team is there to help you grow without thinking much about the legal complications. Our firm works with a team of legal professionals, advisors and counsels with an aim to achieve success in your company’s litigation.


We also handle all matters of appeal from NCLT to NCLAT in a manner suited to your business requirements. Whether you wish to have our assistance in the liquidation procedure of your Company or for initiating class actions, Prodigy Legal works with a dedicated and expert team to address all the legal issues. Our firm is solution oriented, result driven and holds expertise in tackling general corporate compliances. Owing to our expertise, the clients come from across sectors including but not limited to e-commerce, technology, healthcare, real estate, retail, education, infrastructure, media, etc.


Our firm also advises clients on legal structuring, legal strategy, auditing procedure, negotiation and finalization of vendor contracts, and all other compliances. We can also provide you professional assistance for obtaining registrations, approvals, licenses from Governmental and other authorities.

Antitrust and Competition Law

Prodigy Legal represents clients before the Competition Commission of India as well as before the Competition Appellate Tribunal. We provide professional legal assistance to our clients who come from diverse areas such as media, technology, e-commerce, energy, transport, consumer goods, telecommunication etc.


The counsels and legal professionals associated with us are available to make you sail through all sorts of competition litigation smoothly. We hold expertise in providing assistance for legal issues related to competition law including the legal procedures surrounding cartels and antitrust investigations, areas such as bidding, public procurements, merger control, abuse of dominant position etc.


At Prodigy, you will find experienced counsels to assist your business in ensuring compliance with all the competition laws. We also provide services relating to drafting and vetting of agreements such as joint venture agreements, licensing agreements and cooperation agreements.

Media & Entertainment Law

With fast paced development in the Indian entertainment industry, there has arisen a need for content protection and regulation. There are many recent and novel platforms of content creation which have now come up and thus, we have begun to expand our services to all those areas.


Prodigy Legal possesses expertise in copyright and other aspects of Intellectual property related to the entertainment industry. We are open to providing legal assistance to writers, artists, musicians, actors, production houses, television and YouTube channels and all other content creators on areas ranging from licensing, registration to successfully managing disputes and compliances.


Our dedicated team can help you with takedown and litigation matters, enforcement of rights and preventing infringement of your rights. We are renowned for safeguarding client’s interests and for maximizing financial value of and revenues from their assets. We have a pre-eminent practice in the sector of media and entertainment laws and we provide our clients with legal services that are solution-oriented and business-friendly.

We are also available for providing much needed advice to companies on the sale and management of media and entertainment businesses to global players or multinationals.

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>Media & Entertainment Law


IP Protection & Promotion

We at ProdigyLegal are efficiently assisting startups and mid-size companies to lower their costs on Intellectual Property portfolio management and development. We render our clients the EDGE by providing exhaustive research on IP relevant to their business and help them make informed decisions

Business & Corporate Law

Prodigy Legal possesses expertise and 12 years of experience with strategizing, drafting, reviewing and vetting a wide range of simple to complex agreements.   ​

We are thoroughly acquainted with legal issues in business, commerce, and technology law practice in a variety of jurisdictions including but not limited to US, India, Australia, Canada, EU.

Litigation & Enforcement

We also provide expert legal guidance in all matters relating to filing of patents, trademarks etc and we take care of all legal requirements of our clients which arise during and are related to the procedure of acquiring registration of intellectual property.

Civil and Criminal Litigation (India)

Prodigy Legal has a wide experience in all matters relating to recovery of money. Whether you are an individual or an Indian startup or an International business operating in India, our expert counsels are available to assist you in situations where your money is withheld by buyers, suppliers or any other entity.

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