Updated: Feb 2

As, we are familiar with an incident which was happened in Uttar Pradesh some days before, where the police arrived and allegedly beaten up a Muslim man and stopped his marriage because the police got some false and unauthentic information that a Muslim man and a Hindu girl was marrying to each other after the conversion of religion of a Dalit girl from Hindu to Muslim. This is not only the single incident like this which occurred; as there as many incidents which occurs in this country where Muslim men have been continuously beaten up by the police on having false information, rumours and now there is a thinking in everyone’s mind that marrying of a Hindu girl with a Muslim man should be avoidable. Hence, there occurs exploitation of a particular religious community in India and even political parties have been subjecting various Inter- Faith issues and even political leaders are taking benefits in the situation of proclamation of Love Jihad.

So, this paper aims to explain without any favour, without any bias we will come to the point whether it should be passed or not as no final verdict have been passed by the Supreme Court and what is the way forward? We will discuss about the provisions of the UP and MP ordinances on Love jihad and arguments against and in favour of Love jihad so that each individual can think at his own whether it should be good to be amended or not?

Meaning of Love jihad:

There arises a question in everyone’s mind that what is this term Love Jihad mean?

So, basically there are two viewpoints about Love Jihad:

  • Love Jihad is a conspiracy conducted by a Muslim man to convert a Hindu woman under the pretext of love and marriage.

Those who are in favour of this view about Love Jihad; they believe that conversion for marriage or marriage for conversion both should be declared illegal and outlawed. It means that if conversion is done before marriage and after marriage, it should be banned and illegal. And we also know that some states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh have done this conversion illegal by promulgating ordinances on Love Jihad.

  • There is no Love and Jihad because love is pure and it is free of all bias, of all judgement of all those bad things in life as this is the second viewpoint and those who are in favour of this view says that there is no love and jihad.

We will discuss and understand these two viewpoints but before that we have to know that from where this phrase Love Jihad is originated?

Origin of this phrase Love jihad: