Comprehensive Legal Services for Your Website and/or Mobile App.

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Prodigy Legal LLP provides comprehensive legal analysis and solutions for your Online Business. Our team has attained expertise with laws, statutes, rules and regulations affecting your E-commerce business. If you are law firm, attorney, legal counsel or a communications industry professional with a need for definitive sources of information on the countries into which the Internet takes your companies and clients, you have visited the best page in the cyber world for this. Our legal team has delivered efficient services analyzing issues which include: 

  • Online Contracts

  • Ecommerce Website

  • Online Privacy

  • Defamation Complaints

  • Internet regulation of banking, gaming and securities

  • Forming and funding online business

  • Electronic transactions

  • Online Offerings

Recently, we have rendered comprehensive legal services to the following online businesses: